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Female Voice Club

The voice you’ve been longing for…is finally here.

Does Your Voice Match Who You Really Are?

Listen to Bee’s Inspiring Transformation to a Feminine Voice

(Before and After Recorded by Phone!)

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You can now feminize your voice quickly, easily, and discreetly in the comfort of your own home.



  1.  Get correctly gendered in person and by phone.

  2. A fully feminine voice you love & can be proud of.

  3. Ability to switch back and forth if you are part-time.

  4. Ability to maintain your voice all day (or all night!)

  5. Sound feminine even at high volume.

  6. Much more confidence.

  7. Sound the way you feel.

Listen to Evelyn (recorded by iPad on her 29th birthday!)

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Many women get frustrated by videos and courses that have worked for others but not for them. This is because different women have different voices and learning styles, and need different approaches. That’s why the Voice Club has a proprietary hybrid of techniques, so you will find the ones that give you the quickest, most transformative and long-lasting results.

Traditional Voice


Traditional voice feminization techniques which target your exact needs and find your true expression.

Theater Techniques

Used for decades, in some cases more effective than traditional voice feminization techniques.


Train Your Brain exercises—based in neuroscience—for consistency, confidence and dealing with difficult situations

Listen to Sarah (recorded on an Android phone)

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The Female Voice Club is carefully designed to give you the feminine voice you desire …1 step at a time. No confusion, no overwhelm.

Each lesson contains your next important step towards reaching your goal. Between lessons you get a Lesson Booster to support, motivate and strengthen you and your practice. You also get personal feedback and coaching.

Best of all, you control the pace by choosing the lesson frequency that’s best for you.


3 Easy Steps

Learn with the Lesson




Apply in Real Life


You control the pace. It’s actually fun!


• Control your pitch—full time or part time
• Sound authentic
• Raise your volume (and keep your feminine sound)
• Stamina
• Consistency
• Resilience—reset techniques for if your voice drops

• Protecting your voice from injury
• Feminine markers of the voice
• Female speaking patterns
• Train your brain—overcome situations where the voice drops unconsciously (emotional situations, family reunions, and much more)

Listen to Francis (recorded via Zoom)

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Women from all over the world – born with ALL KINDS of voices – have the voice they’ve been longing for and which works for their specific needs and circumstances.


“Dear Nina, I’m not musical, or good at singing. It’s not easy for me to pick up technical things about the voice. When I first transitioned last year, many voice changing videos and programs were too hard for me. A lot of coaches and chat groups like to get very technical and I didn’t see the point in all that academic information. It was complicated and they didn’t work to change my voice. The voice tuner app only helped a little, certainly not enough. This course is easy. I can follow and I never get overwhelmed. For the first time, it doesn’t feel like hard work. It feels fun, like a beautiful adventure. It is challenging but I can do it. And I love your encouraging style and enthusiasm. That really helps me a lot. It comforted me in the beginning when I didn’t think I could do it. And it inspired me to keep going. I am so happy with the progress I’ve made so far. It’s even better than expected. I had no idea what a huge difference a feminine voice could make in my life. I don’t know how I could ever go back to living without it. And I’m looking forward to more and more and more. Thank you so much.”


New York, NY

“I had given up hope on my voice. After years of CD’s, DVD’s, interactive online voice groups, voice coaches and You Tube videos, all I had to show for it was thousands of wasted dollars and hours of wasted time!! I’ll never make that mistake again! Nina was the only voice coach that was able to help me make a difference in my voice that got me blending in and sounding the way I’d always wanted. The exercises in this course are unique. I’ve never seen them anywhere else and they work. If you want a nice female voice, this course is a no-brainer and well worth it!”


Pasadena, California

“This is a dream come true! I now have the voice I’ve always dreamed of and it has changed my life in every way! I have more confidence, I talk to people and blend in, I am fully accepted at work and in public and I even have the confidence to date again! Getting my female voice is one of the THE BEST thing that has ever happened to me and I could never have done it without this course. Thank you so much!!!!!”


Clarksville, IN

“Lovely, lovely voice coming out. I didn’t think I could ever sound this good. What a thrilling surprise. Thank you with all my heart, for my new female voice.”


Manchester, England

“I can’t believe I have a female voice now! Finally! I’ve been trying forever, but it always sounded a little fake, and on the phone people called me Sir.
That doesn’t happen anymore and my confidence is so much higher. This is the final stage of my transition and it is very sweet.”


Toronto, CA


I don’t know if I can do it. How do i know if the course is for me?
If you have a longing for a more feminine sounding voice, this course can help you no matter what kind of voice you were born with. Many women have tried feminization with simple CD’s or videos on YouTube and have gotten discouraged because not every exercise is right for every voice. These classes are designed to work for every woman because you get a variety of exercises, and you get a hybrid of techniques – classic speech pathology and theater techniques combined with neuroscience research to help you learn quicker and retain more information, forming a stronger muscle memory and getting to the voice you want more quickly and effectively.


How long is the course?
Lessons vary in time, depending on what’s needed. The average is about 20 minutes. The curriculum has 5 sections (plus a bonus section) with several lessons in each section if you are new to voice feminization, it’s recommended you do each lesson in order. However, if you have feminized your voice before and have some of the techniques down, you can skip around and work on the parts of special interest to you.


What are the technical requirements?
Any computer or tablet or smartphone and an internet connection. When you click on that link, you may either listen to the listen on the website, or download the lesson onto your computer, smartphone or tablet – and it’s yours to keep for as long as you’d like.


I’ve already worked on my voice, (or have a voice I like), I just need some polishing. Is this right for me?
Yes. You may want to start at a more advanced level in the curriculum. We suggest you send in a short voice recording (1 – 2 minutes), or schedule a free phone consultation, so you can be placed at the perfect spot in the curriculum for you.



These lessons are the keys to free your new authentic female voice. You will receive them as soon as you register.
Please start with the orientation. It tells you what to expect and how to get the most out of the course.
While results are different for everyone, many women start to feel and hear improvement right away—during Lesson 1!
What better gift to give yourself for the Holidays!

Yes, I want my female voice now!

Downloadable lessons you can keep — No yearly fees!

Pay by Credit Card , PayPal, or PayPal “Pay Later” Installment plan available


Regular $297

Sale $197

Limited Time Only

Use PayPal or Credit Card



Many women who want to feminize their voice experience one
or more of these obstacles:

•You don’t know where to start
•You don’t know if you can do it successfully
•You’ve tried before but it didn’t work
•You’ve been meaning to try, but haven’t gotten around to it.

If you relate to any of these, The Female Voice Club can help you.

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You can use:

• Paypal
• Credit Card
• PayPal “Pay Later ” Installment Plan Available

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